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BLOND is the new Parisian project of Tony Halet (Astonvilla, Apple Shift ), Greg Baudrier (Astonvilla, Underdogs ), JC Panizza (Underdogs ) and Greg Jeanmaire. Efficient and fearsome, Blond exudes an energy that is both furious and melodic, drawing you into a perfectly mastered musical universe. The different EPs “IDIOCRACY” and  “CHEAP” are self-produced and were recorded at the famous Davout studios in Paris by the band itself (some members of the band having worked in this magical place as producers and sound engineers, before it closed permanently in June 2017...). A modern Rock with sometimes pop, sometimes aggressive accents, fine compositions in a style at the crossroads of Hip Hop and Rage against the machine , with tracks marked by a careful construction and a vocal melodic line that is always sustained, even when the energy becomes darker.

Tony Halet : Vocal / Guitar

Greg Baudrier : Drums

JC Panizza  : Bass

Greg Jeanmaire : Keyboards

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